Do you think she’s pregnant?

You may feel powerless in a culture that says “it’s her choice, not yours.” Yes, it is her choice in the end.
But it is your responsibility to speak up and be involved in the decision. For her, could be a hard and painful choice.

Get the FACTS for your future.

We know this is a defining moment in YOUR life. Get the information you need to handle this possible ife-changing situation. Get started down the right road by receiving guidance from our center’s staff. Your life and well-being are our priority. It’s her decision, but it’s YOUR life too. Don’t let unanswered questions determine your path. Get the facts and peace of mind you deserve!

You are not alone in this situation. We are here to help. You’ll find the information you need in a confidential, non-judgmental environment.

All services are free, immediate and confidential:

  • Pregnancy Testing/Certification
  • Consultation on All Your Options
  • Compassionate & Non-judgmental Care
  • Ongoing Pregnancy Support
  • Referrals for Community Support Services: Health Care, Legal, Adoption
  • STI Information
  • Support after an Abortion
  • Practical Fatherhood Information

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Relax - You’re not alone: even planned pregnancies can be overwhelming.

Pregnancy affects you too.